Sick day and sneak peek


Well, I've been trying to ignore it for 2 days, but today it was impossible: I have the flu. I was so weak and sore this morning I couldn't even drive my little guy to preschool. And I felt even worse, because school is the thing he looks most forward to every day (well, that and bath time!). I really hope I feel better tomorrow because I hate to ask Hubby to miss work to help me at home.

I'm feeling a bit better after having a little nap this afternoon, though. And I woke up to find a box of fabric on my doorstep, which did work to cheer me up a bit. I don't know how it got there, honest! I would never order fabric when I already have stacks and stacks of it on my shelves begging me to make them into something pretty. Really!

I couldn't resist this impossibly gorgeous fabric from Tina Givens called Blue Zazu

I've really just discovered her fabrics for Free Spirit. I am in love with the vivid hues she uses, her style, and I’m really looking forward to Tina's new collection coming out this Spring!

I also got a few fabrics from this guy (love it all), so keep your eye out for my items in some new fabrics coming soon!

And those of you who would like reminders of when I'm stocking my shop, please join my mailing list. I've been getting so many requests lately to let you know when I'm stocking headbands or aprons or bags or you name it that I can't possibly keep track of it all! I promise I won't fill your mailbox with annoying spam; I only send out notes once or twice per month, plus you'll get a heads up when I'm offering giveaways and other promotions. Thanks bunches!


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