Been Busy


Not busy sewing so much as keeping two little ones entertained during "winter break" from school. We went for some long drives (my kiddos get a kick out of car trips, so much that they usually end up dozing off, which I consider a nice benefit, although I do enjoy their company), played in the yard, visited the playground, etc., etc., etc.

I did find a little time to work on some new items for my guest artisan spot at Lily Pad Landing, a congo full of some wonderfully talented (and awfully sweet) crafters. Here's a sneak peak of my items that will be available this coming Thursday (Feb. 28) at 9pm EST:

Sense a theme?

I also added a new tote to the etsy shop:

I have a few custom orders to dive into now, and hope to have some pictures of them to share soon! Hope you're enjoying some of the sunshiney weather we've had down here lately.



  1. do you mind sharing where you got the matryoshka fabric and that cool mod green fabric at the bottom? thank you!

    you make beautiful things!

  2. Thanks! The matryoshka fabric is a Japanese import that I think I've seen on etsy and the mod fabric is called "Pez candy" by American Jane - I think that one might be discontinued because I can't find it in that color anymore, but Hancocks-Paducah still has some in other colors. Hope that helps!