Just had to share


My first etsy treasury appearance, all Hyena items!

Do you see me there? That's me, second row, in the middle. (I feel as though I'm pointing out my yearbook photo or something, which, by the way, you will probably never see posted in this blog, unless I'm feeling the need to spice things up with a bit of humor)

And a cute little custom order:

Have been tidying up the studio this afternoon; it's amazing what a mess the creative process can make. Of course, one may question whether it's absolutely necessary that 53 yards of various fabrics be strewn, piled, flung, and draped around the room all at once. But hey, it's my process, and I can fling if I want to. Perhaps I'll share pictures one day, but only when my studio resembles this one moreso than this one.

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