Road Trip


I guess this month's theme is "do things for myself," because this past weekend I went on a little road trip. It was just me, a map, and my new bag, of course. In the four years since my oldest son was born, I have never been away from my kids overnight (well, I was away from Joey when I was in the hospital in labor with Jack, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as a vacation). With some encouragement from my husband ("Honey, why don't you think about visiting your---" "OKAY! I'll go pack!!!"), I loaded the car and hit the road.

I headed to Destin, Florida, to visit my mom. We did lots of shopping, eating, and walking the beach. Warning: gratuitous shots of fantastic seaside restaurants and gorgeous beaches lie ahead.

We also did a short history tour. My mom showed me the boat my great grandfather built, called the Primrose. It's located across the street from the Destin History and Fishing Museum.

We also stopped by the dock where my uncle's charter fishing boat resides.

It was lovely to have a few days to myself, but of course I'm happy to be home with my family.

Thanks for humoring me by looking at my vacation photos. It's because of these beaches I visited in my youth that I remain a beach snob today. The Gulf water is warm, the beaches are sugar-white, and the powdery sand squeaks beneath your feet when you walk on it. Oh, and let's not forget the "old" beer.

The "C" was hiding behind a light post. I think the sign is looks rather appropriate this way, though.

Bye for now...I think I need to sleep off my seafood buzz!


  1. Destin... holy cow, I'm from P'cola. Do you live close by??? Well, I'm not in P'town anymore, but we have considered a move back to have helping hands with our wee one so I can finish my degree.

    Babble, babble...

    I love your crafts, so fresh and modern.

  2. Thanks! I live about a day's drive away, unfortunately. We used to fly to Pensacola and drive the rest of the way to Destin when we lived even further away. I think it would be a really fun area for a kiddo to live! Good luck!

  3. Just looking at your photos was like a little vacation for me! :D Beautiful. I can understand why you feel so drawn back & replenished when you go. I can almost feel the breeze coming in over the water. :)