Extra, Extra


The lovely Amy Sue let me know that I was on the front page of etsy yesterday, and I had no idea how long the treasury had been there so I was scrambling to get the screen shot for posterity. It's the first time I've been featured on the front page, so it was rather exciting news, inciting me to call my husband and best friend to go-to-etsy-and-look-at-the-front-page-right-now!

Could I say front page one more time? I don't think I've said it enough. Front page! Front page!

And in other news, this week at Lily Pad Landing is a Wild West themed stocking (Thursday, 9pm EST, although perhaps high noon would have been more appropriate...), so as my friend Maria put it, I've been getting in touch with my "inner cowgirl". This week I made another bib and my first (can you believe it?) messenger bag

I had a dickens of a time taking pictures of that black bag. The combination of my (slowly dying?) point-and-shoot camera and weird lighting really washed it out. Maybe I'll try again later today. Making the bag was a blast, though. The sort-of reverse applique star turned out just as I'd pictured it, and you should see the mess I/we made while fraying the star and the flap edges, fun fun fun! Jack enjoyed helping by grabbing the piles of black threads and throwing them ceremoniously on the floor.

Now there are just a few days left to enter my contest, so what are you waiting for? Don't give me that late excuse...oh wait, please do give me your late excuse! I suspect you're waiting to see what the prize is, so I'll try to whip something up in the next couple of days.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love this bag! Are you going to put it up on Etsy?


  2. Hi Melissa, thanks! This bag is currently available for purchase at my congo, Lily Pad Landing.

    Have a great day!