Photo Op


Needed a little break from being hunched over the cutting table/ironing board/sewing machine, so out came the camera--click, click, click. The juicy orange colander begged to be included, and I think she was right; she's rather photogenic. She's part of my collection of enamel colanders, all of various bright and cheery colors. I don't normally collect things (well, aside from fabric), but they strike me as so fun and retro that I just can't resist buying more and more of them. I had originally planned to hang the colanders in my kitchen, perhaps on a big pot rack, but somehow they've found a home in my studio, helpfully storing supplies and making me smile. And by the by, those are nearly finished headbands, who plan to be added to my HC shop early next week.

Speaking of which...I'd best get back to work!



  1. totally drool worthy stash of headbands there. I'd love to see the complete colander collection :)

  2. Thanks! There will definitely be more colander pictures in the future!