Short Tour


We're enjoying gorgeous weather today, having just emerged from some serious tornadoes and staring down the barrel of more severe thunderstorms. We've been charging the flashlights, stocking the pantry, and sending good thoughts out to those who have already experienced damage and losses from this weekend's storm.

To use an unavoidable pun, however, I'm feeling a bit under the weather myself, and so I think today's blog entry will be a short pictorial tour of the goings-on in the studio.

It seems appropriate to kick it off with a bit o' green on St. Patty's Day

A custom apron in progress

New arrivals (oldies but goodies)

A bib from start to finish, which is on its way to a baby shower as we speak

A gratuitous colander shot

And now I'm off to the kitchen for a little snack (homemade banana bread, Mmmm...)


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