Not an unhappy post.


I was going to have one of those depressing posts where I complained about how the words "Get down off of the piano" came out of my mouth no fewer than 50 times in the course of an hour this morning, and my being irked about how our incredibly slow school district took two weeks to send me a letter indicating that I needed to register my son for school after my calling and speaking to an actual person, back when there was plenty of time, asking what I needed to do to get special services set up for my son, and he now has missed a full week of school after having received no services over the summer because of our moving across the country.

But instead I decided to play with my new pears.


So pretty. So carefree.


They like sitting in their new cherry colander. You can get a pear for yourself here tomorrow.

It was time that I started making the pincushions in different prints, although some of the old stand-bys are there too. I even made a ginormous pear after a request to make a large pillow-sized cushion for a child's room.


This isn't the custom pear, but one I did for practice (okay, maybe I thought the giant pear idea was so cool that I needed to have a one for my work room). I enlarged my pincushion pattern by about 400%, and it turned out a bit squatty, but still very pear-like. I knew this would happen, as just simply enlarging a pattern makes it all wonky with the out-of-proportion seam allowances, etc., etc., but I do think it turned out cute. I'll post the custom pear later this week when it's finished.

Oh, and completely off-topic, but relevant to current events, please register to vote if you haven't already! I'm doing so today, even though in Wisconsin you can register to vote in person up to the day before an election (how awesome is that?!). Check with your state/county (I Googled "How to register to vote in...") to find out how.

Have a Happy Monday!


  1. Aaah!! I love, love, love the giant pear!!! Sorry, I just found your blog via flickr and at first I thought you had been fooling around with photoshop, but then I read that it was real and just want to make one too!! - it has to be the worlds coolest pincushion! you could put all your pins for a full size quilt on that and not have to restock - ever! It's Fantastic! Thanks for posting the pics, I must try and get ahold of the pattern and make one for myself - it is just wonderful!

  2. I love the pears.. and the super big pear is sooooo cute! I think that you should list a few in your store. It's unique and beautiful.

  3. Your pears are beautiful. Love the colors and patterns.

    hmmm, yah, those school districts can be a real challenge sometimes.

    You mean the piano is not a jungle gym? Party pooper! hehehehe!

  4. Thanks so much to both of you! Jenny, I hadn't even thought to use it as a real pincushion, that would be fabulous!! And thank you for the encouragement, Crysto, after futzing with the pattern a bunch, I think I would like to add some giant pears to my shop :)

  5. What a fabulous idea! I am sure they will sell really well as a whimsical alternative to the pear pin cushion, cause you get a pincushion aaand you get a piece of art for your studio or sewing room!!! Fantastic! and If you do add them to your shop then can I be the first to order one!! It will save me making my own, still haven't found the pattern! Let me know when your Whimsical Giant Pears are ready and I will be there to buy mine - WooHoo!!!

  6. These are the cutest things EVER!!!