Just had to share


My first etsy treasury appearance, all Hyena items!

Do you see me there? That's me, second row, in the middle. (I feel as though I'm pointing out my yearbook photo or something, which, by the way, you will probably never see posted in this blog, unless I'm feeling the need to spice things up with a bit of humor)

And a cute little custom order:

Have been tidying up the studio this afternoon; it's amazing what a mess the creative process can make. Of course, one may question whether it's absolutely necessary that 53 yards of various fabrics be strewn, piled, flung, and draped around the room all at once. But hey, it's my process, and I can fling if I want to. Perhaps I'll share pictures one day, but only when my studio resembles this one moreso than this one.

Been Busy


Not busy sewing so much as keeping two little ones entertained during "winter break" from school. We went for some long drives (my kiddos get a kick out of car trips, so much that they usually end up dozing off, which I consider a nice benefit, although I do enjoy their company), played in the yard, visited the playground, etc., etc., etc.

I did find a little time to work on some new items for my guest artisan spot at Lily Pad Landing, a congo full of some wonderfully talented (and awfully sweet) crafters. Here's a sneak peak of my items that will be available this coming Thursday (Feb. 28) at 9pm EST:

Sense a theme?

I also added a new tote to the etsy shop:

I have a few custom orders to dive into now, and hope to have some pictures of them to share soon! Hope you're enjoying some of the sunshiney weather we've had down here lately.


Road Trip


I guess this month's theme is "do things for myself," because this past weekend I went on a little road trip. It was just me, a map, and my new bag, of course. In the four years since my oldest son was born, I have never been away from my kids overnight (well, I was away from Joey when I was in the hospital in labor with Jack, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as a vacation). With some encouragement from my husband ("Honey, why don't you think about visiting your---" "OKAY! I'll go pack!!!"), I loaded the car and hit the road.

I headed to Destin, Florida, to visit my mom. We did lots of shopping, eating, and walking the beach. Warning: gratuitous shots of fantastic seaside restaurants and gorgeous beaches lie ahead.

We also did a short history tour. My mom showed me the boat my great grandfather built, called the Primrose. It's located across the street from the Destin History and Fishing Museum.

We also stopped by the dock where my uncle's charter fishing boat resides.

It was lovely to have a few days to myself, but of course I'm happy to be home with my family.

Thanks for humoring me by looking at my vacation photos. It's because of these beaches I visited in my youth that I remain a beach snob today. The Gulf water is warm, the beaches are sugar-white, and the powdery sand squeaks beneath your feet when you walk on it. Oh, and let's not forget the "old" beer.

The "C" was hiding behind a light post. I think the sign is looks rather appropriate this way, though.

Bye for now...I think I need to sleep off my seafood buzz!

A Keeper


It's rare that I ever make anything for myself. It's a sad drawback to crafting for a living that many of us don't find the time to create things for ourselves. But today is different.

I had intended to stock this bag at some point in the indefinite future, as I mentally pieced the fabrics together. But once I laid them out on my work table, I suspected I couldn't let this sweet songbird bird go. I've had a real thing for birds lately, well ever since we moved to Georgia. We have the ideal backyard habitat for all kinds of birds, with over 30 pine trees and 15 or so of the deciduous variety--and when we started putting out bird seed and filling the bird baths, we couldn't believe all the different kinds of birds that came to visit us. We got ourselves a field guide, and compiled a list, which exceeded 30 different species in a matter of days. In the springtime, the cardinals brought their babies to feed on our deck railing. And then came the goldfinches, who, by the way, have a major thing for thistle.

If you're interested in learning more, check out the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which has an incredible wealth of information, and even has recordings of bird songs that you can listen to. Also, the National Audubon Society has lots of information on creating backyard bird habitats, environmental and other issues, and hosts annual bird counts, where amateur birdwatchers contribute to a national bird census. So cool.

But back to the bag. I really enjoy making these library totes; they have such a clean, classic shape, and yet are roomy enough for a nice stack of magazines and/or books. I forsee a lot of shopping in this tote's future, however...

Take care, and, you know, go feed some birds!




It's days like these that remind me of living in the Pacific Northwest. I lived in Anacortes, Washington for several years, and though it's one of the most beautiful places in the world, you truly earn those perfect moments with how much rainy, windy, cold weather you have to endure year round.

Check out one of those perfect moments:

Gorgeous, right? This shot is by my friend's mom, Linda, who took the picture from her front yard. Heavenly.

And now back to our regularly scheduled weather

On the upside, I did finally figure out how to turn the flash off my camera, a must on dark days like today.

And a little daydreaming....what to make next?