Happy Birthday, Jack!


I can't believe the little guy turned 2 yesterday!

I never thought I'd be so happy to see a child dive face first into a birthday cake.

Smile for the camera, Sweetie!

Wait, no, don't rub your--

Ah yes, this is what baths were invented for.

We had fun, just our little foursome. We don't live near family but they were with us via phone calls, packages, and pictures.

Happy Thursday!

(P.S. You probably caught a glimpse of our lovely primed-over wallpaper in the background. Actually this was a gift from the previous owners of this house, that I found beneath 2 other layers of wallpaper that had been painted over. And beneath that? Nothing but drywall. So many home improvement projects, so little time. Ahh, but I can't bear to think of that any longer. I think I'll have some more cake.)

Congrats to...


I am one of the unluckiest people when it comes to having my name drawn out of a hat. In my school district, you have to enter a "lottery" for your child to get a spot in our public pre-k program. Every child is entitled to participate in pre-k, but only a select few can attend the elementary school they are zoned for; the rest must find spots in local daycare centers (It's crazy, I know, but I'll avoid stepping up on Kim's Soapbox #573 for today). For 20 slots, the parents of 70 children showed up. We ended up being number 29 on the waiting list.

However, (you knew I'd get to the point eventually, right?) there is someone who got lucky today, and that person is

Congratulations Maria, I'll be contacting you directly!

Her entry was great, she actually has an excuse for having an excuse:

Maria said...
Probably my best excuse is that I'm a Menlove, despite the fact that I married into the family at some point in time one of them adjusted my internal clock forcing me to be late to everything. (The M family is notorious for always being really late)

Thanks to everyone who participated--there were some really funny excuses, and I got a few new ideas for when my own real excuse just doesn't seem good enough.