Questions Answered


Boy has my inbox been full lately! I am loving all the fantastic messages/comments you've been sending/leaving for me, and I really enjoy answering your questions. I've noticed, however, that several of the same questions are being asked over and over, so I thought I'd post answers to my most frequently asked questions for anyone who may be interested:

1. Where do you get your labels/tags?

I get my labels from and I am super pleased with them. The customer service is fantastic and the labels arrive lickety split!

2. What pattern did you use?

All the items that you see pictured in my shop, on my blog, or my flickr photostream are made with my own patterns unless I specify otherwise, in which case I always let you know where it came from and link to the pattern designer. I'm actually pretty terrible at following other people's directions, which is how I got started making my own patterns in the first place. This also explains why you may find an annoying level of detail in my tutorials. I'm very much a visual learner and sort of assume that everyone else is, too, so I try show every step with photos.

3. Where can I buy your patterns?

My patterns aren't currently for sale due to my lack of ability/appropriate software for getting them off of my sketchbook and into a computer. I am pretty technologically impaired, so please bear with me as I stumble through this process! I do plan to offer more free tutorials, as time allows. In my wildest dreams you will one day be able to find a book of my patterns at your local bookshop.

4. Where did you get that fabric?

Most of my fabric is purchased online at etsy and occasionally on Ebay for some of the rarer or out-of-print stuff. I don't typically give specifics on sellers because everyone's stock varies so much and I don't want to give you out-of-date information, but I'm happy to tell you the name and designer of a print if you ask. Then you can just search for that print via the etsy search engine under "supplies" and voilĂ !

5. Did you ever get around to finishing [fill in the blank] project?

Probably not. But I can tell you that [fill in the blank] is sitting on my cutting table, watching me with pound puppy eyes, and will be finished eventually. I usually tackle UFOs whenever I have spare time (rarely) or an impulsive moment (occasionally), and I'll be sure to show you how they turned out when I get the chance. My UFOs thank you for the reminders, though!


  1. I love your labels - thanks for the link.

  2. The label is great. I'm sort of visual person too..never finish reading those patterns I bought and always ended up modify it..:)

  3. Thank you! I love your blog, thanks for taking the time to answer questions and share your work - it's gorgeous!! I really hope you do publish that book, my bookshelf will be waiting for it :D

  4. I love the title of UFO's for unfinished projects. That's so funny! I'm guessing it stands for Un Finished Objects? Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I have many UFO's around staring at me with those pound puppy eyes, too.

  5. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a pile of unfinished projects and thanks for the tip on the labels. I need to order some!

  6. I just LOVE your blog. Can't wait to try the Easter Eggs! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I just found your blog via the easter eggs!! What an exciting project!! Now I'm off to read the rest!!

  8. I have just discovered your blog and it is divine, love what you do. Will you be making any more pairs to sell in your etsy shop, they are gorgeous?

  9. Lol. just read my comment back and realised I have spelled pears wrong,whoops.

  10. I love your blog and found it through your Easter eggs. I will be posting the ones I finished soon. You can see them now on my blog. When I saw yours I was thrilled. I used some of my vintage feedsacks. Be sure and check them out.

    Thanks for the great tutorial.


  11. ok, I'm DYING at how cute your projects are. You are an excellent seamstress and designer! I'd love to sponsor something of yours on my blog - I'll be poking in your etsy shop today too...

    btw - if you need help with graphics, or getting your patterns in digital form, let me know - I'm a graphic/web designer:

    Thanks for the fun blog find today! I'll be subscribing!

  12. Those tags are super cool! I love the design. Thanks for the ling!