I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend! I spent a good portion of mine shopping local nurseries for new perennial flowers, and then the remainder directing my husband where to dig all the holes for planting (I can be very good at delegating tasks, especially when it involves pickaxes and heavy shovels!). The landscaping around our house when we moved into it consisted primarily of hosta (mostly in sunny, dry spots...why??) and some non-descript shrubs that appear to be healthy breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which won't do at all. I adore birds and butterflies, so we put in some salvia, black-eyed susans, dianthus and lavender. I had no idea that dianthus smells so incredibly good, I could spend all day sitting in the garden smelling the plants. Next on my list is echinacea and shasta daisies.

The other day I was sitting in my favorite spot in the kitchen looking out the window and it was like a scene from a Disney movie, with all sorts of furry and befeathered critters frolicking outside: chipping sparrows and goldfinches at the birdfeeder, a chipmunk chirping on the rocks, and a couple of rabbits hopping through the grass. One of these days I'll have my camera outfitted with a zoom lens with me to capture it. In the meantime you can enjoy the flowers which stay nice and still when I crouch next to them to take pictures.

It was so energizing to spend time in the garden, I'm feeling very inspired for Spring. Hopefully that will translate into some fun new creations in the sewing room. That is, if my kids will take a break from being such night owls! Ever since the days started getting longer, my littlest guy can't seem to figure out when it is that he's supposed to sleep.

I've also noticed the clotheslines starting to come out, which means it's officially clothespin apron weather!

What's your favorite sign of Spring?


  1. Sighting the first robin. When I have seen one, then I know it's spring.

  2. Spring is the best season of all, and enjoyed your pictures of the flowers.

  3. Hi Kim - your flowers are so pretty! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I love how you capture the beautiful colors in each photo.

  4. Kim such gorgeous flowers.
    Directing is a perfect job for us girls. They would plant everything in the wrong spot if we didn't 'advise' them where to dig!!LOL

  5. Looking at my garden and all the lovely plants blooming therein just refreshes my spirits.
    Your aprons are lovely and just look like Spring.

  6. why hosta in sunny spots? Want to bet that there was a tree there until the recent past?

  7. Pretty flowers.

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