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I'm actually posting for the first time in *coughalmosttwomonthscough*. This summer got away from me; it's been incredibly challenging and busy, not always in a good way. And if you get through this next bit I promise there is some crafty goodness waiting down below.

First, I took part in a language therapy study with my two boys--it was so helpful. Sort of a Floortime style approach. In related news, we had to retire our old stroller and get a new one. Now, if you had told me before I had kids that I'd get excited over a stroller for my three year old, I would've said you were crazy. However. I didn't know then that I would have a kiddo with serious sensory issues and a major dislike of crowded, noisy, new places, who would weigh 45 lbs and insist on being carried everywhere. Hence: the Maxi-Cosi Foray stroller.

My 5-year old test drove this thing and would have to grow inches before his feet touch the ground. The canopy opens without touching his head, it has a smooth ride, storage underneath, and best of all a small turning radius. We got ours at Babies R Us, and it was quite a bit cheaper at the store, plus a 20% discount for trading in our old stroller. Good deal!

The aforementioned 5-year old kept himself busy this summer by discovering every possible way of getting out of the house or yard in order to explore the neighborhood without supervision. So securing windows, doors, etc. took up a fair amount of time, as well as our recovering from escape-induced panic attacks.

I was so busy, in fact, that I haven't touched my sewing machine all summer. I know. Both shocking and disturbing. Fortunately, one of my lovely customers inquired about getting a custom quilted clutch, and the rest, as they say, is history. She wanted something to match her black and gray diaper bag with hints of lime green, and let me tell you I was excited to have a chance to stock up on some Summer Soiree by Paula Prass for this project. I just kind of improvised as I went along, and I rather like how it turned out

and, of course, buttons

I also managed to add to my unending list of unfinished projects by trying out English paper piecing. No UFO collection is complete without having piles of hexagons waiting around to be made into something.

I'm dreaming they'll someday be a throw pillow on my chocolate brown couch.

We're now settling into the school year (finally both boys are going to school!), and I now have a couple of hours to myself every day. Hopefully that means I'll be able to post more frequently, or at least I'll be able to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in the mornings...but more likely than not it will be a frantic dash to the sewing room to get as much done as possible in my free time....

Until next time,