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I may have mentioned that I was doing a bit of spring cleaning in my last post. Actually, that is somewhat of an understatement, just ask my garage full of things I've set aside for a yard sale. A Clean House style yard sale. Well, almost. (You try cramming 2300 square feet of stuff into a 1400 square foot house, that's all I'm saying.)

In the course of sorting through my things, this sweet little doll appeared, who I believe was made in France, and given to me at the age of 8 or 9.

The name Elizabetta is penciled in on her bloomers and I think she is delightful.

I'm not a frilly sort of gal, and I'm definitely not a doll person (is it something about the way their eyes follow you??) but I think Elizabetta will be a nice companion in my sewing room.

Getting rid of lots of things sort of cleared out some space in the house, and...well, I might have brought in a few new/old things as well. I found myself in a thrift shop yesterday (don't ask me how these things happen, I swear I was only going to the fabric store for thread), and was strolling along the bedding aisle when my feet came to a sudden, involuntary stop. Apparently I had just stumbled upon where vintage sheets go to heaven. Well, I was in heaven, anyway.

I found this lovely number

And these

And then I let out a little schoolgirl squeal when I came across this one

For two reasons:

1. I immediately recognized this as my beloved bedsheet pattern from childhood. (Yes, Mom, you read that right, I was quite enamored of those flowers, for whatever reason)

2. Almost immediately after this, I did some mental math which told me that my childhood sheets were now considered vintage. Very vintage.

Now I just need to decide how I want to use the sheets. I daydream about this bunting, which might be just the project for my thrifty finds, and the perfect addition to our Spring decor.

Well. In that case, I'd best get sewing!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday,


spring cleaning



These granny squares have been lurking around my craft area for awhile, pretty much ever since Hope Valley arrived, so I figured I was past due in posting photos. Leave it to Denyse Schmidt to make me fall in love with purple + orange.

Visit this great granny squares tutorial if you're in the mood to try a little crochet yourself.


I've spent very little quality time with my sewing machine lately (boo), but I have managed to put together a little something that I think you'll enjoy. Soon. Even those of you who don't sew.


Check out my new tags, aren't they the cutest? That little blue bird makes me so happy. Oh yes, I still get excited about every little thing. And before I receive another slew of e-mails asking...I got the labels here.

Now, Easter is coming up and I know that many of you probably remember my fabric egg tutorial from last year, but I wanted to make sure to remind you that there is still have enough time to whip up something adorable (and easy) in time for the holiday! My kiddos played with those eggs long after the Easter Bunny's tail disappeared over the horizon and I'm sure yours will love them too. So many of you have posted your gorgeous egg photos in my flickr group, thank you so much, I love them all!

Now, back to whatever it is I should be doing right now. Oh yes, sleeping!

Hope you're having a wonderful week...