The Room


I finally have my own room. It's not my very first room; that room contained yellow shag carpet, a white canopy bed, pink quilt wallpaper I picked out myself, and a 5 year old girl. Ahhh, the 80s. This is my first sewing room that isn't shared with baby gear, office stuff, or guitar amplifiers.

I don't have very many knick-knacky things in my house or even sweet wall hangy things because of my two little big bruising boys who make me say crazy mom things like, "Don't lick the refrigerator," and "Where are your pants?". But now! I have a room that I can decorate any way I choose.

Inspired by this gorgeous mini quilt and my own UFO, current whereabouts unknown, I decided to make my own birdie Dresden plate wall hanging.


What a luxurious afternoon was spent making something just because! I didn't already have a template, and so used the one from this tutorial. You really should try this, it's easier than you think. The center of the plate is Pink Birdseed from Alexander Henry.


There are 20 different prints around the center, and to be honest, I was worried that it would turn out looking a bit busy. But Little Birdie told me they were her favorite colors and it would all work out, and I agree that it did. The background fabric is a cotton/linen blend that is super easy to work with, and a lovely creamy color.

I hope to share more photos from My Room as it gets fixed up just the way I like. And I must bid you Adieu for now, so that I may say Hello, Vintage Etsy Sellers!

Happy New Year!

Fresh fallen


Ahhh. You know winter has finally arrived when there's a fresh new layer of pom pom fuzz covering your sewing room floor.


With a cup of cocoa nearby, something entertaining playing on the computer, scissors in one hand and yarn in the other, I discovered that these things multiply like tribbles.

In case you're wondering, I tried both the "finger wrapping" method and the pom pom maker method, and while both yield similar results, Photobucket the pom pom maker is a bit faster and wastes a lot less yarn. Two tips: 1) wrap the yarn very tightly around those pom pom maker arms and as many times as possible, leaving just enough space to close the gadget, and 2) trim the yarn shorter than you expect for a more uniform pom pom.

By the way, the link to the pom pom maker says it's available only online, but I was able to pick up a set at my local JoAnn's, with a 50% off coupon, score!

The pom poms are destined for Christmas packages and/or tree ornaments, and the fabric? I'm feeling a little infatuated with the red/pink/aqua color combo right now. As soon as I put it on the table I knew I needed to make something with it ASAP.

So I turned teensy scraps from my fabric stack into this cute little triangle hexie pincushion:


I can already tell that I'm not finished playing with this color combo...hmmm...what other good things are to come?

Also, a little off topic, but I wanted to let you know--as I mentioned Friday--I listed some fabric bundles in the shop. A few harder-to-find Heather Ross and Amy Butler prints and good deals on some other discontinued prints.

Have a great week!

Last day for savings


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Here's a little preview of things to come. I'll be doing a bit of destashing over the next few weeks, so look for some fabric bundles to start popping up in the shop!