Under the weather


I'm in bed sick with the flu this week...but I've briefly crawled out of my cocoon of covers to direct your attention to the lovely blog Craft Snob where I'm a guest blogger this week and for the next 3 weeks with a series of introductory sewing lessons.

So if you're interested in learning to sew, or maybe you'd like a little refresher, clicky click on over there and check it out. And while you're there take a look around--Sara has got so many cute ideas for you to try out!


See you there!

And now, back to my regularly scheduled nap...


  1. I just got over the flu.....I know exactly how you feel..feel better soon and I'm looking forward to your sewing!

  2. Oh, I am sending you a load of "get well soon"s!

  3. Hi Kim,

    I just made a post on my blog where I mention your beautiful work as a source of inspiration.
    I made a kind of decoupage on little plastic eggs.

    I hope you're felling better!
    hugs from Brasil,