Misc. & giveaway


Just a coupble bits and bobs:

A Retro Mama pattern spotting at Quilt Market. (Thanks for the heads up, Misty!)

I finally got my first smart phone (goodbye, flip phone from 2008!), so please be patient with me as I figure out Twittering, Instagramming, and all that good stuff. Also, my apologies to the lady I accidentally crank-called twice yesterday and once today, I'm still perfecting my finger aim on the iPhone keyboard.

And last, but obviously not least:

Enter to win 3 Retro Mama PDF sewing patterns of your choice (along with a truckload of other awesome prizes) over at Birdsong. Hop on over there for all the details!


Have a lovely day!

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  1. So funny - I just discovered your blog (thanks to the adorable Holiday Houses!) and also just got my first iPhone on Thursday. I figured out how to buy and use Hipstamatic, but I keep prank calling my husband... There is a learning curve, apparently! Best of luck with yours, and thank you for your beautiful blog.