finding Bliss


It's been rough-going, attempting to emerge from my post-Christmas cookie haze. There hasn't been time to spend in my sewing room with the kids home from school (more on that later), and we've all been fighting cold after flu after gosh knows what other plagues the boys brought back with them from their vector school buddies. So it was with great joy that I discovered the Fat Quarter Shop had provided a great excuse to play with fabric without getting my (hopefully non-contagious by now) germs all over it.

FQS Blogger's Choice

I started with 2 gorgeous prints from Liz Scott's new Domestic Bliss line and expanded on her fab color scheme. Then added a dash of spring green--yummy! And, apparently, rather fashionable as well.

This is making me want to sew right now.

Go play with fabric!


  1. I LOVE yours!! Especially the fabrics you paired with Domestic Bliss, which is the line now top on my wish list!

  2. Què hi tinc jo a veure, digueu-me homes,
    amb les espases i les batalles?
    L’única estrella que prenc per guia
    és la del gaudi i de la música.
    Feliç any 2012 !!

  3. A wonderful year for you and for your family! Much success, love, joy, friends, health and everything good that comes!

    Happy 2012!

    Luiza Mallmann

  4. Very cool fabric bundle! Love the lime green.