On the road...again


You know you've been away from blogging too long when folks start to inquire whether you're OK. Thank you so much for the concern, I'm doing fine! I've just been (mostly) offline lately, very busy with life stuff. I'll try to be better!

Last month, we went to this place:


Many of you will recognize this as being the view of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World as seen from the ferry. The blurriness is a result of using the zoom on a boat with my point-and-shoot camera (I decided to leave my Nikon at home; I may rethink that choice next time, as most of my vacation photos met or exceeded this level of awfulness).

And some of you will understand what a huge undertaking that trip was when your kiddos are both autistic. But I am a Disney junkie (a result of having lived just a few minutes from Disneyland during my formative years--thanks Mom and Dad!) and this was the first time I was able to share this magical place with my husband and boys. It was hard work, exhausting, and wonderful. Disney is so accommodating to the needs of special guests, and it made all the difference for my family. If you're planning a Disney vacation, I highly recommend this book; it helped us think of every little detail for a perfect trip.

While we were in Orlando, we found out that we're moving! Again! And this time it's to Indiana!

postcard - from alimx007, USA 3

postcard from Jassy 50

This will be the 11th state I've lived in (see #7 for the others). I've been racing around getting our house ready to put on the market and packing as we are moving later this month (actually, it's more like two weeks from now, ack!). My lovely fabrics are all stashed away so there won't be any sewing for a while *sniffle, deep breaths*, but my patterns will be available throughout my move.

Fortunately, I will again be able to have my own room for sewing, but it will take some work to settle in and get things just so. I'll share that process with you as I go along.

So tell me...what do you know about Indiana? Favorite quilt shops? Fun places to go with kids? I hear there's a place called Santa Claus that we simply must visit. Or have you been to Disney lately? You know I want to hear about it.

TTFN, (did I really just type that?)