It's taken awhile...but I'm finally ready to introduce you to Hans!

Hans doll by Retro Mama

He's a sweet little guy who likes shooting marbles, climbing trees, and the occasional jaunt into the woods with his sister, Greta. Don't worry, he always remembers to keep breadcrumbs in his pockets!

Hans and Greta dolls by Retro Mama

He's got corduroy shorts, suspenders, and a cute cowlick too. I recommend my Hans doll PDF sewing pattern for experienced beginner stitchers and beyond (I don't recommend him as your very first sewing project, but if you've already stitched up a couple simple patterns I think you'll have no problem with Hans! And as always, you are welcome to ask questions if you need help as you're stitching along).

Hans doll sewing pattern by Retro Mama

All the felt colors used for Hans can be found in my shop (chestnut for his hair, cherry and marshmallow for the sneakers, and curry for buttons). It's quite possible that Hans is my favorite pattern so far, but then again, I always think that about my latest pattern!

Greta doll by Retro Mama

(Greta pattern can be found here)

Happy Stitching,


culdesacetcie said...

Love him to bits!!! My, i think i'll need to purchase yet a new pattern! ;) he's so handsome looking! More so than my poor school boy lol! Your patterns are so great looking *sigh* lol!

MaddyMaze Studio said...

I love him!!! My husbands name is Hans, too. So fitting...I'd just hav to make him darker hair.

euphoria said...

so so so cute!!!

cupcakecutie said...

Just adorable...love the suspenders!

marysza said...

i looooooove them both sosoooo much!

Ana Lopes said...

So adorable your Hans!!!!Love the polka dolts suspenders!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs from Portugal
Ana Love Craft

Britt-Inger said...

Your Hans is so cute. I have since long thought of making Greta and of course I have to make Hans too.
The names of the dolls from the German Fairy Tales are so fun and old fashioned.
Greta and Hans were common names in Sweden too to name newborn babies in Sweden for 100-70 years ago.
Thanks for sharing
Britt-Inger in Sweden

Arzu said...

lovely! :)

Craft and Creativity said...

They are both adorable! :)

Ruby Jean said...

Oh, Me, Oh, My!!! I am so thrilled to have come across your ADORABLE blog... I can't wait to peek around and follow along with you in the future... :)

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