random goodies and a preview


I made a few goodies for Blend Fabrics at Quilt Market...unfortunately the only day I had to take photos was crummy, but I wanted to show you my Ruthie Bear anyway because I loved how she turned out. The fabrics are from Anna Griffin's new Juliet line and the photos do not do justice to the gorgeousness of these creamy neutral prints.

Retro Mama's Ruthie Bear in Juliet by Anna Griffin

Retro Mama's Ruthie Bear in Juliet by Anna Griffin

and the random: working on my elephant mobile for Make It Yourself magazine

Elephant mobile WIP by Retro Mama

FYI: felt stacks are back in the shop!

felt stacks by Retro Mama

And coming soon to the shop: a batch of fabric house ornaments

fabric houses by Retro Mama


  1. OOOoooo Ruthie looks adorable
    How fun!

  2. ahh love your works sooo soo much. and photos - they are so 'clean'? and clear.. :))

  3. Ruthie the bear is so lovely! Remidns me of victorian times ) Romantic!

  4. Oh my gosh, I just finished making a bunch of your felt bird ornaments, and now I see that you've already given me a good idea for next year's Christmas gift! You are brilliant!