2012 (and a sale!)


1. Hans and Greta, 2. Happy Valentine's Day!, 3. patchwork potholder, 4. paper pieced house, 5. mini pear pincushion, 6. Doxie, 7. fabric house ornament no. 2, 8. cover girl, 9. elephant softies, 10. Ruthie Bear, 11. mini apple pincushion, 12. 12 houses, 13. Hans  

Looking back on my (sadly, few) photos from 2012 it seems that it was the year of the house for me. And Hans. And doxies. And felt. Lots and lots of felt (you should see how much I have now!). I had some amazing opportunities come my way this past year (and at least one that I will share with you shortly), that kept me quiet and hunkered down hard at work. But, I hope to spend more time with you in the coming year, because chatting with crafty friends here is one of my favorite things.

For one of my biggest accomplishments last year I have you to thank, as more felt came into and left my little room than I ever could have expected. I love helping to find just the right colors for your projects and I’m so excited that in the coming year I will be able to offer even more felt, both in new colors, and, for the first time, yardage!

So, as a thank you, I am having a New Year’s sale on everything in my Etsy shop. Use the code NEWYEAR20 for 20% off your order through January 3. I am quite low on pear, cherry, and espresso felt, but I expect to be restocked in 2-3 weeks. Please go ahead and order the colors that you would like, and if any of your colors end up being backordered, I will give you your options after checkout. Sorry, I will not have new 6x6 sets until my new shipment of felt arrives!

Thanks again for a wonderful year, and Happy 2013!

Stay warm (or cool, as the case may be),


  1. The house is super cute! I made several of the patchwork potholders this year and I (and everyone I gifted them to) love them!! Thank you for providing us with so many great patterns :)

  2. Sorry wanted to say I have just ordered felt from you and forgot to put code in! It's such good quality felt I love it! Julie x

  3. I love the houses you do! Have a great new year, Kim!

  4. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for your felt order! I'll refund you the 20% and shipping overcharge (if any) when I mail your package :) Happy New Year!

  5. Thank you Kim that is really kind! I blame it on ordering it first thing in the morning on new year's day after a late night! Happy New Year! Julie x

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