first time for everything


I have never attempted paper piecing. Before now.

I'd always admired the look of paper pieced blocks, but the process seemed too much trouble, all that folding and holding things up to the light and dulling your needles on paper, ripping the paper off the fabric, etc., etc., etc. Essentially, I am a very lazy busy gal. So I'm thinking, there has to be a lazier quicker way to do this. Or at least a method that is a little less mind-straining.

paper pieced house

Then, my husband asked me if there was anything more I could do with my fabric house pattern, and of course I couldn't resist the challenge.

I couldn't even be bothered to buy freezer paper.

But I think it turned out pretty well.

paper pieced house

My favorite part might be the rick rack on the roof. Or perhaps the chimney? No, it has to be the peek-a-boo number on the door. That's it.

I'm already planning changes for the next house. I'm sure (famous last words) I could squeeze in some smaller details (rounded door? window shade? doorknob??) without having too many meltdowns. Or make the house a little smaller (it's 9" x 9", I'm thinking something more potholder sized?).

How about you? Have you learned any new techniques lately?



Things are going to look a little different around here...please excuse any funny goings-on or broken link-thingies for the next few days!

To help distract you from the dust, I'll leave you with a few photos of samples I made for spring Market for Blend Fabrics

Spring Promise by Ana Davis



Molokai by Jessica Swift


Magic Garden by Sabine Reinhart


Tinsel by Maude Asbury


And, in case you missed last week's Zakka Style Sew Along...Lindsay of LRstitched blogged my patchwork potholder pattern from the book. If you want to sew along, make sure you take a look at my circular binding tutorial!

Happy Stitching!