resolution: sewing room


As the new year rolled in, I was inspired to take charge of my sewing room. I have been multi-tasking my resolutions to get more fit and organized by rearranging my room as well as adding some new furniture to make life a bit easier.
First order of business? A new cutting table.
It's about time. Sometimes I get the impression that the entire population of folks on the internet is around 5 feet tall and I am some kind of aberrant giant at 5' 9-1/2". Anyway. I was breaking my back cutting fabric and felt on my old table (which had formerly been our dining table, until it was scratched in one of our moves), which is nearly 7" shorter than the new one.
I haven't cut anything on it yet but I can already tell the height will make a world of difference. (P.S. Those sadly empty shelves will be brimming with felt by early next week!)
Please pardon the grainy camera phone photos, perhaps my regular camera was misplaced in the excitement of furniture moving?
I noticed this when I flipped over the old table after it was disassembled. Apparently we move around a lot (she says, tongue in cheek)? The first time we relocated with a moving company I was religious about taking off all the moving stickers, but apparently I gave up soon thereafter.
Next order of business? A new shelf, which I adore. Camera: found!
colorful shelf from
Mmm. Colors.
This shelf is so cleverly designed and so gorgeous that I pretty much want to buy all my furniture now from Land Of Nod. I am sure to spend hours playing with it, there are just too many possibilities. I feel like a little girl rearranging her dollhouse; in fact the arrangement is already different from the photo. Yes, the migrating dolls on the lower part shelf are a pattern in progress, I plan to have that available for you soon(ish)!
I will show you more of my room as other bits fall into place. Anyone else have sewing room resolutions this year?
Happy Stitching!


  1. OHHH I love these Matrioskas!! Do you have the pattern to buy??? Thank you Kim!

  2. That is so cute! ...and I just bought a billion of those little mailboxes at Target. :)

  3. Thank you! The dollar spot at Target is the BEST :)

  4. Kim, can I be your next friend?? We have lots in common lol!

    Being 5'9" i hear you. I cut on my kitchen table (since my sewing room is only 8'x8' there is no space for a REAL cutting table) and when i cut it's for 3-4 hours straight... My back ache every. single. time.
    I and want that shelf too! with all the stuff you put in it! love everything and it's so cheery.
    Guess I'll be buying yet another pattern soon ;)

  5. Congrats on your new cutting table. Having the right height table can make the world of difference. Between my sewing and craft studio I have different height tables and I notice the difference. As for my 2013 studio plans, well I will like to say things are "finished," and not still "a work in progress" . . . a few small touches left :-)

  6. Agreed! I'm pushing 5'8" so I took a basic table and put some bed risers under it - perfect.

  7. Everything looks so beautiful! Love all the color!

  8. I so want the Matrioska pattern!

  9. I WANT TO MAKE THOSE DOLLS! Yes, I'm yelling. We love matryoshkas at my house. How can I know when that pattern is out?

  10. Josée, you are welcome to use my cutting table anytime! My very first sewing space was about the same size as yours. I had to move my (full-sized) ironing board every time I needed to move across the space, it was so ridiculous :)

    Thank you all for the enthusiasm about my upcoming pattern! I always post on my blog and my Facebook page when I release new patterns!

  11. Yay for a taller table! I'm almost 6'3" and I actually do most of my cutting on the floor for now, which my knees don't like. I refuse to get a cutting table that won't be tall enough though. Someday... I've got a little Grace frame for my quilting machine, and my husband had to put 8" extensions on the legs. So much better now!

    That shelf is adorable, as are the dolls.

  12. You are not alone, although I'm only 5' 7", it still makes my back ache. I use the kitchen worktop when I can be bothered to cart it all down stairs, much better height. Love the new shelves!

    S x

  13. What a lovely workspace. I received my felt today and am so pleased with it - such good quality and fab colours, thank you. Julie x

  14. I can't wait for that matryoshka pattern. So cute!

  15. I am 6 foot and I use a barstool height table for my cutting table! Works great!

  16. Sadly, I am one of the munchkins in the sewing world. Even though I'm only 5'2" (and a half!), I still like to cut standing more upright. I got one of Martha Stewarts rta craft tables and it is just perfect for 80% of my cutting. My 'kids' painted and set up my sewing room for my birthday last year and I adore them all the more for that thoughtful gift!