petite pachyderm

I've received a lot of questions lately about whether it is possible to reduce my elephant sewing pattern in size. A clever stitcher had posted a photo of a mini elephant on my Facebook page some time ago, which, of course now I cannot find (if that was you, please let me know so I can link to you!). Then more recently, Connie, from the lovely Modern Textiles, let me know that printing the pattern at 75% worked perfectly. So I just had to try it out for myself.

 sweet little elephant softie from Retro Mama

I set my photocopier to print the pattern pieces at 75%, and while sewing, I used a seam allowance of just under 1/4". The result is this adorable elephant, measuring about 6" tall. I also made the tail a little longer, so it would be easier to tie the knot. I've been asked if it is possible to set Adobe Reader to print smaller, and to my knowledge it is not, sorry!

 sweet little elephant softie
If anyone has tried reducing any of my other patterns, I'd love to hear your results! Pocket sized bunnies or owls, anyone?

Happy Stitching!


Christina said...

oh, I love it! Will definitely have to try!

Louise Hunter said...

Sooo cute, I feel a family coming on!

Natalie Stewart said...

She is very cute. I'm sending my pattern to work with my hubby to see if he can enlarge the pattern. A friend who I made the regular size for would like a cushion. Will let you know how it goes!

Graham said...

I made a bunch for Christmas presents at 75% as they were for small children. They came out really great. A new set is on my blog.

Sharon said...

A friend of mine asked for a mini owl for her purse, and I just reduced your pattern to create a tiny owl for her. I've since made more for kids' backpacks. I sew the eyes on by using black or dark brown floss for the pupils. And, I use twill tape to create a loop at the top.

Kim said...

Natalie, I'm looking forward to hearing about your cushion :)

Graham, your elephants are so cute! Love those fabrics!

Sharon, your mini owls sound adorable, I'd love to see photos!

Cyndy said...

I've shortened Doxie so he fits across a felted sweater in one piece and it's really great.

Gunnhild said...

love your patterns! i have made both a small dachs and a small elephant, after downziseng the pattern.

Paula said...

Very cute! I think I will try this in felt - a pink elephant is in my future!

I am your newest follower - I found you via Mockingbird Hill Cottage - she posted a link to your fabric Easter egg pattern. I am also following you on Pinterest.

Come by and see me at Home In Douglas.

llebpack Smith said...

I loove it , cute,


dancing-muffin said...

What a nice Blog,i come again!!!
This little elephant is sooo cute,
Greetings from the,
dancing muffin

Valancogne Mélanie said...

Hello my bunnies "lavander" make 5'' (15 cm) !! very cute, photos come soon !

Emily Camfield said...

I can print patterns at different sizes on my computer at work, but not at home. I'm not sure if it has to do with the settings in Adobe Reader or the printer. But if you cannot alter the size in your print dialogue box, try with a different printer or downloading the latest version of Adobe. And if all else fails... head to Kinko's.

Krümels Mutti said...

This small one was really a great inspiration for me. I gave it a go at 60% and left the tail at 100%. Adding a Kam Snap it is an adorable pacifier friend. And the big one is a beloved toy with crackling ears. You can find pictures at my blog (http://kruemels-mutti.blogspot.de/2013/06/elefanten-evolution.html) - unfortunately it's in German but feel free to send a note if you have any questions.
Cheers, Jessica