Pretty Fabric Stack

1.07.2015's so nice to play with fabric after a long break.

 Retro Mama | pretty fabric stack

Don't be fooled by the appearance of sunshine, I enjoyed only a wisp of light before the Arctic wind howled and the sun crept back behind the clouds. I have something very specific in mind for these pretty prints--I'm in the mood to make something warm and toasty!

What's on your winter worktable?


  1. Such a pretty stack!! Can't wait to see what you make, stay warm and cozy!! xo Holly

  2. Those are definite eye candy to me! Can't wait to see what you make with them! Stay warm!

  3. wanted to make one of your houses a Christmas one but never got around it. do you have any pics of one you made for Christmas? I made Halloween ones and sent to several friends. one went to a dear friend in Indiana who passed shortly after .

  4. On my work table are flashcards for learning English :) I greet warmly

  5. My worktable is completely cleared off, finally! Now, I get to come up with something new - that feels so great!

  6. Thank you Damita and Sam I Am!

    lindag - My condolences for the loss of your friend. I didn't make new houses this past Christmas but I hope to make more this year!

    nite - I hope your English studies are going well! Thank you for reading my blog!

    Threads of Inspiration - Wow! A clean worktable is a rare luxury! I bet you can't wait to make something new :)