I do believe that Spring has arrived here in Indiana. I know many of you in the Midwest and Northeast are still buried in snow (my condolences) but we are finally, finally starting to see some sunshine here, and thank goodness. I'm hopeful that after one (or two?) last frosts we will eventually get to start planting our garden!

But fortunately, even in the recent dreary weather, I have been lucky enough to sew with some gorgeous, colorful fabrics that went a long way in brightening my days.

I made these elephants with Maude Asbury's cute circus-y Bailey line, and matching felt bunting

 elephants by Retro Mama with Bailey fabrics

And a couple of matryoshka dolls with Anna Griffin's Mirabelle prints. I just love how they look once I've finished their sweet smiling faces and before they've been stuffed

 Mirabelle matryoshka dolls by Retro Mama with Anna Griffin fabrics

Here they are on my favorite shelf (I would love to show you an update on my sewing room but it is absolutely stuffed to the gills with felt, and I am back to rearranging everything again, see: The Story of My Life)

 Mirabelle matryoshka dolls by Retro Mama with Anna Griffin fabrics

And speaking of Spring, all of these cuties will be on display at Market next month, so a big hug and thanks to Blend and Anna Griffin for sending all these great fabrics for me to play with!

What are you looking forward to when the weather gets warmer? Me? I can't wait to start planting vegetables and to be able to open up the house for some fresh air and spring cleaning.

Happy Stitching!


  1. So cute softies!! These elephants are very nice :)

  2. Hi. I am a huge fan of your blog! I`ve made some of your qute, little houses. If you would like to have a look, then go to my blog. Best regards Siri from Norway:-)