Mini sewing room project #1: the skirtain


Earlier this year, I finally got myself a tall work table. It's a lovely, big table with a great space underneath, perfect for storing my huge bins of fabric and felt scraps. However, I don't like looking at the bins of felt and fabric from the other side, so I decided to spruce it up a bit by giving her a skirt. (The table now wears a "skirt," so table = she)

 photo tn_RetroMamaTableSkirt1_zps4066e0d4.jpg

I hemmed and hawed about what fabric to use (quilting cotton? vintage?) and finally settled on cutting into one of my prized vintage bedsheets, which turned out to be a good choice in more ways than one.

 photo tn_RetroMamaTableSkirt2_zps6703737c.jpg

First, there was already a pocket at the top of the sheet, just right for putting in a curtain rod. And as luck would have it, it wasn't hemmed on the sides, so the pocket was already open (this is not true of all sheets, I know this because upon that discovery I immediately ran to check all my other bed linens). Second, the twin-sized sheet was the right width for the table, I didn't need to alter it at all. And third, the pink floral goes beautifully with a favorite yellow Denyse Schmidt geometric print, which I used to bind the bottom of the skirt (curtain? skirtain?). I did add an additional 5/8" seam along the pocket so there would be a little ruffle along the top, and then the 3/4" binding at the bottom. Put in the tension rod, and voila!

 handmade vintage table skirt

Ahhh...much more homey and cozy now. You can just see a glimpse of one of the bins behind the skirt. I did make it a tad on the long side because it's my dream/plan to get rid of the carpet at some point and I know it will seem like too much work to lengthen the skirt when the table sits a little higher off the floor.

Have you stitched up any little projects lately to brighten up your sewing space?

Happy Stitching,


  1. Muy bonito,y muy buena idea para que no se vean todas esas cosas queacumulamos,la pera es preciosa
    UN BESAZO!!!!

  2. Pretty!! Lovely colors! :) Happy Friday! xo Holly

  3. Rosi, I agree! It's nice to finally make use of some of the fabrics I've been holding onto for a long time!

  4. Bellissima! Anche la fantasia..... ciao simona

  5. Gorgeous! And love when projects come out easier than expected {sheet already primed for this project}. Love the fabric; so cheery!
    Love your creations!

  6. Cutting on my dining table gives me back ache and I'm only 5ft 5". Very pretty skirtain! :o)

  7. It turned out lovely !! I love this little curtains much more than doors, the fabric is pretty !!