Time to break out the mittens?


I woke up this morning to a beautiful layer of frost covering my yard.

This picture is of my lawn table. Those ice crystals are gorgeous, and so sparkly in the sun.

My Chihuahua--all our dogs are rescue dogs, mixes, so I’ll just refer to the predominant breed--Rico, is buried in a comforter on the couch:

and my German Shepherd, Humphrey, tiptoed across the frozen grass this morning. Ingrid and Molly, our Border Collies, are stoic, and love all types of weather (it just goes to show that women are tougher than the boys, across species). They spent the morning hunting in our yard for squirrels that foolishly didn't go into hibernation. We really do enjoy such mild weather here, year round. We can expect at least a few 80 degree days 12 months a year, so it's quite a treat to have a cold, icy morning. It makes all my hot cocoa drinking seem a little less out of place.

When I'm not drinking cocoa, I've been working on some new products. I've had the itch to try something new, and the quilting bug bit me, which resulted in this fun new library tote

and a closeup of the faux log cabin block

It was such fun to put together so many gorgeous fabrics in one bag that I suspect I may have a new addiction. Library totes for everyone!

Until next time,