12 Pears of Christmas


Have you begun your holiday sewing yet? I tell you, I have been doing so much hand sewing lately, what with making partridges and pears, that I have actually sprained one of my fingers. And unfortunately, with Last Minute Holiday Panic Sewing about to commence, there is no way I can slow down for at least a couple of weeks.

Sorry, these pears are spoken for!

But if you want to make your own, you know where to find the pattern.

Doesn't Michael Miller have such wonderful retro holiday prints? I love the bold, bright colors. There is no way these will hide in the Christmas tree!

Oh, and in case you didn't have enough on your To Sew list, you will have one more thing to add very soon...

You just knew it had to be coming, right?

Well, it's that time again. It's back to the sewing machine for me (although I may need a Thin Mint break, first, mmmmm). What are your holiday sewing plans?



  1. Those are sooo cute!! Too bad they are all spoken for :-) I just love the cheery colors!

  2. Oh those are so cute!
    Making tons and tons of various scarf type things... Already made a bunch of duffel bags for nephews.
    Then it's on to the Christmas dresses for the girls.

  3. Love love love the fabric you chose! I keep that machine humming all season.

  4. oh I'm so excited! My son is obsessed with owls, and your softie pattern is simply the best I've seen. I cannot wait! Thank you!

  5. I love the owl. I am working on a few little felt birds myself for Christmas. There just aren't enough days and it's still only November! Happy holiday season.

  6. love these pears! i just found your blog for the first time, you have some really amazing things!

  7. Love your work! Beautiful stuff you have there. I hope your finger heals quickly and you can finish all of your projects!

  8. Love these pears. My last name means pear tree in portuguese!
    Really enjoy your blog.