Snow White


We had a gorgeous snow day today, at least a foot and a half of snow fell overnight and I was a little more excited about it than my husband, who spent two hours digging out the driveway and shoveling puppy trails in the backyard so our Chihuahua mix could do his business.

We had a little bit of snow inside, too, sort of.

Okay, it's not really snow, and I can't show you more of this project yet because it is Top Secret. Shhhh!

I should be sleeping right now, but I have a bit of snow-induced insomnia: Will schools be closed tomorrow? Do I really want to slide around on the roads driving the kids to school even if it isn't canceled? Why again did we move to the Midwest? But the snow sure is pretty... A white Christmas! It's almost Christmas! Holy smoke....I really need to start mailing out those gifts, where did the time go?? Boy, that gingerbread latte I had this evening was tasty--and that's probably the real reason I'm still awake.

I really am going to bed now, soon to be dreaming of sugarplums, or possibly lattes, or maybe even gingerbread cookies. Drat, now I'm hungry.

Stay warm, wherever you are, and sweet dreams!


  1. So beautiful! Our girls were disappointed as we only had flurries and none of that stuck to anything but their hair. We have had such a warm winter this year that I just feel we are going to get our fair share - I told them not to worry then checked the sewing room to make sure I was stocked up on snow day activity supplies just in case. Hope you have a day home to play. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. Now that's some serious snow you've got there. We're sitting at a bone chilling -36C this morning.


  3. I'm asking myself the same question this morning(why again did we move to the midwest ;))-lol.
    Where did you live before? We were in california.
    Can't wait to see what that new project is!

  4. oohh!! how lucky!! how much snow!!! it's so beautiful!!!

  5. Wow - that's a lot of snow! And I wonder what that secret ribbed goody is?