Tilly & Tommy


Everyone's response to these elephants has been wonderful--I'm excited that you're excited about them! My kiddos love these big huggable softies too, and have absconded with several of my samples. So I am more than pleased to share this brand new pattern with you, at last.

Retro Mama: elephant softies sewing pattern

The pattern specs: The finished elephants are about 9" tall and 12" long, with giant floppy ears, embroidered eyes and sweet knotted tails. You can now purchase the PDF sewing pattern in my shop, or the sidebar of my blog. As usual, the tutorial-style instructions are accompanied by color photographs and the pattern pieces are full sized. I'll e-mail the pattern to you as soon as I receive payment, so you will be sewing up a herd of these plush pals in no time. With only four pattern pieces, this is a quick, fun, and easy project, recommended for all sewing levels. Pair one of these softies with a favorite elephant or zoo board book for the perfect baby shower gift!

retro mama: elephant softies sewing pattern

And speaking of elephants, have you seen all the fabulous circus-y and elephant themed fabrics out there lately? I know you all are going to come up with some amazingly adorable fabric combos and I can’t wait to see them! As always, you are invited to post your Retro Mama creations in my flickr group.

Happy sewing!

P.S. The apple pictured is not included in the pattern, but stay tuned for that one in the future. I just thought it looked cute with the elephants!


  1. Oh, they are all so cute!

  2. adorable!! love the fabric you've chosen.

    Flannery @ Three Sisterz

  3. Beyond cute!!
    I have lovedx3 your pear pattern, I'm liking that apple too!

  4. my daughter must have one of these elephants!!! I can't wait to give your pattern a try!!