pillows with a purpose


I have limited storage space for fabric, which, obviously, once it’s full, can be problematic. Well, I'm there. My fabric cabinet is stuffed to the gills. No space for new prints, no space for stocking up on old favorites. Something has to be done. Such excess. It's a little embarrassing.

I set aside a few prints to list in my shop, but it's still hard to get over the fact that when I bought all these fabrics, I had planned to actually make things with them. And then, in my web meanderings, I happened upon a great way to create something useful with those gorgeous fabrics and then donate them to a wonderful cause. I expect that I'm nearly the last person to hear about the One Million Pillowcase Challenge, but local shops are still collecting pillowcases so I hope to inspire a few more of you to lend a hand.


So far I've made two pillowcases with Amy Butler's Belle prints in the aqua and clay colorway. Oh how I adore her coriander prints. I used this tutorial, except that I cut the trim 1-1/2" wide instead of 3" (the finished trim is 1/2"W). All you need is 1 yard of fabric and one narrow piece of trim. It's an easy pattern, and no serger is required. Simple, and fun. Please try it!


I showed these to my husband and he told me that I am not allowed to buy pillowcases ever again. Sounds good to me.


(Molly says "Hi!")

I hope you will consider joining me in some charitable craftiness. If you know of other organizations to donate fabric, yarn, sewing supplies, or finished handmade goods, please let me know in the comments and I will add it to the list.

One Million Pillowcase Challenge
Rainbow Around the Block
Project Linus
Knitting & Crochet Charities - lots of links



  1. Beautiful pillowcases for a great cause! I was really excited by the picture of Molly, my dog Taz and she look exactly alike!

  2. beautiful! i'm so inspired!

    flannery @ threesisterz.blogspot.com

  3. Kim - the pillow cases are so pretty. I'm excited to hear about that charity - hadn't head of it yet. We do project Linus - that's a great one to do w/ the kiddos!

  4. This page is pretty helpful. I found it when I was looking for a women's prison to donate yarn and needles to.


  5. Thanks for the great link Katherine, I've added it to the list!

    LindaAnn - puppy twins, I love it!

  6. What a great list. I love the pillowcases as well. This is a site for making dolls that are sent to domestic abuse shelters. Very worthwhile.

  7. Beautiful pillowcases! Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing about a great cause.

  8. I think I might have a problem letting that gorgeous fabric go but, great pillowcases. Someones going to LOVE them.

  9. Very impressive pillow cases! I've been meaning to make some myself. Have you ever tried ordering your sewing supplies online? I've been debating it for a while, and I've thought of more pro's than cons.

    Again, awesome pillows!

  10. I've just been introduced to your blog and find your patchwork projects delightful. However, Molly's photo here really grabbed my attention because she looks so much like my mixed breed rescue, Max! http://www.flickr.com/photos/94823471@N00/ - Jan