Today's Specials


For all you felt (and dessert) lovers out there, I've added a few new items to the Retro Mama "menu", expanding my wool blend color palette to 40 colors!

Try the Lemon Chiffon (as seen in my new Spring Pastel collection, 4th color down, a soft buttery yellow)


Or maybe feast your tastebuds on Peachy Keen, Butternut, Hazelnut, Café Latté, Caramel, and Brown Sugar.

You can see all 40 colors on my new color card below (click for a larger image)


Several doll makers have requested skin colors, so I've also added a new doll sampler to the shop


I will be adding a handful of color cards to my shop for purchase, or you can make your own by downloading the PDF swatch card for free and assembling it as you purchase felts.

Bon appétit!

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