So many little ones, so little time


I frequently receive requests for finished items, and even though I reallyreallyreally want to make elephants and owls for all those sweet baby nurseries and dolls for all the adorable kiddos, I just no longer have the time. Sigh. But. I know there are lots of talented stitchers out there who are making beautiful creations with my patterns, and I would LOVE to direct the requests your way.

So. If you are a Retro Mama Stitcher, please give me a shout in the comments or send me an e-mail. I’ll be posting a directory for where to buy finished RM goodies and I want you to be included!

Please read the following for my simple requirements and other info:

1. Make sure that you are following all my policies (particularly that you put the credit line, "This item was handmade with a Retro Mama pattern" in the description for every product made with one of my patterns).

2. A link to my pattern product listings in your descriptions is very much appreciated, though not required.

3. I specifically get many requests for elephants and pincushions, just so you know.

4. Be sure to post your photos on my Facebook page!

Here are a few finished RM items that I found on Etsy


pear pincushions by sewfaithful


elephant softie by eamylove


Greta dolls by whimsyvintage


dachshund softie by bouclenoire

Keep up the gorgeousness!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Hi! First thanks for featuring one of the daschund I made from your pattern!
    I love making dolls, sausage dogs and bunnies (all from retromama pattern of course!) and I would be thrilled to be included in your directory!
    Here's my shop,
    all items are made from reclaimed materials so they are eco-friendly!
    And I take custom orders too ;) thanks for offering this sweet opportunity!
    (p.s. I wouldn't mind doing elephants too!)

  2. I ordered the Felt Squares from you a few days ago and I LOVE them - they arrived so fast! I have ordered from you in the past and you never disappoint! You have another loyal shopper/fan!

  3. Josée, I have added you to my list! Thank you for making such beautiful things :)

    Maria, I'm so glad you're happy with your felt! I love those colorful little squares!

  4. Hi Kim!

    First off, I am new to your patterns, but have purchased the adorable elephant pattern and numerous fabrics to create them.

    I would greatly love the opportunity to be included in your directory. My shop is:

    This is a new shop for me, although there is nothing listed, I am currently creating elephants to add.

    Thank you so much for creating and sharing such adorable patterns!


  5. Hi Kim, As a long time fan of your patterns, I'm thrilled that you featured the pear pincushions I made on your blog! I would love to be listed in your resource directory.I have several other RetroMama patterns and will take custom requests. I stuff my pincushions with wool which is a dream for pins and needles. My name is Sheila, and my shop is

  6. Hi, Kim - How sweet of you to feature one of my elephants made from your fantastic pattern! I would LOVE to be included in your directory and hope to make lots more apples and elephants, as well as the new dachshunds.
    Custom orders would be welcome, and you may feel free list my shop, in your directory. You've made my day, as you do each time I use your patterns! Thank you,

  7. Thank you, Amy and Sheila! I've added both of your shops to my list :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!

    Happy sales to all of you!

  8. Sheri, I would love it if you could drop me a line when you get your shop going! Best wishes for your new endeavor!

  9. Очень красиво! Груши безподобны!

  10. I've seen your patterns through Sheila's Sewfaithful shop. I just love the elephants that she does. Very sweet!

  11. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and catching a glimpse of your talents. I have admired your patterns in some of sewfaithful's work. We are on the same etsy street team (CAST). Although I sew, I use vintage fabrics and lace in my sammysgrammy shop and no patterns - the fabric dictates. Your work just tickles my fancy.

  12. Hi Kim I love your patterns and have made the Greta doll from your pattern and it is in my shop Your pattern by far was the most fun to make. I would love the opportunity to make more of your items, I just purchased the apple pincushion and pleated purse patterns and cant wait to get started. Thanks

  13. I have been an admirer of sewfaithfuls work for sometime. I am glad to meet the designer of those fun and funky patterns!

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