Measuring tape fabric


I know I'm a bit late off the starting block, but I just discovered (and wanted to let you know) that one of my all-time favorite (and most asked about) prints is again available. It's called “Measuring Tapes in multi” by American Jane for Moda. It appears to be the exact colors as before, so grab it while you can! The rest of the line is called Pot Luck, and looks to be a mix-n-match of American Jane favorites.

 photo tn_MeasuringTapesFabric_zps0d3bbd66.jpg

Happy Stitching!


  1. My daughter sewed a dress last year of tape, it was for a recycle project at school, so she has not used it more than for a fashion show.It became entitled stiff so it was difficult to walk in :)

  2. I just got another bolt of it! Love it. I did have some stashed from the last time. Hated to use it.