Where Thou art – That – is Home


I’ve got a little something for you. Okay, so it’s very little. I've received so many requests for the pattern since I first posted this quilt block, but I didn’t feel comfortable sharing it just yet because I needed to fix a few things so it would have borders all around and be a proper square, and have a fancier window. Blah blah, excuses. Tiny tweaks, really, but I couldn’t quite get my act together.

And then I realized that this WIP was gnawing at me and I wanted to finish it for those patiently waiting. This quilt block is actually somewhat special to me; I feel as though I’m finally grasping the idea of home, something I’ve found to be quite elusive, having been a bit of a wanderer in life, especially in the geographic sense. I’m ready to choose to be home right where I am, and that original block is displayed as a daily reminder (in my favorite room of the house—my sewing room, of course!) of that sentiment. And, finally, my house quilt block pattern is ready to be shared with you!

 house quilt block | Retro Mama
You can find the Quilt Block House Pattern in my shop. Inside, you will receive not only the house pattern, but some ideas for fabrics, as well as comprehensive enough instructions and photos so that even beginners should be able to assemble it with little difficulty.

This quilt block is so cute on its own as a wall hanging or on a pillow sham or bag, but you could also piece several together to make a curtain border or a full quilt, etc. The block is 8-1/2” x 8-1/2”, and in the pattern I also let you know how to get a 9" block as well.

I hope you enjoy this pattern, wherever your own home happens to be, and I can't wait to see what you make with it!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Me encanta todo lo que haces, tiene una alegría y una frescura que atrae. Me gusta mucho la muñeca, la casita que ya la hice. Felicidades guapa y muchos besos

  2. Love it! Love your details and fabrics!

  3. So pretty!! What a sweet block! Happy Valentine's Day!! xo Holly

  4. Oh yes this pattern is really REALLY cute. I would hang it on one of my walls too (and not just in a sewing room! :P)

    I adore all paper piecing ideac/patterns but I still don't have the courage to make my first block..!

  5. many thanks for this have purchased it but not sure when i will make it

  6. I ordered this pattern on 15th february through pay pal but as yet it has not arrived, please could you look into it for me or refund my money, thank you

  7. Hi Margaret, thanks so much for your purchase! The pattern is an instant download, so you can find it by clicking on "Your Account" in Etsy, and I have also just sent it to your e-mail. Happy Stitching!

  8. What a wonderful blog you have. I post about you today in my blog.
    Best regards!!

  9. what a cute home!! i will try to do it:)