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 6 Weeks of Love for Softies

Yay, I'm so excited! Sew Mama Sew is spending six whole weeks on a softie spree! Kristin and Beth have gathered up the biggest names in softie making (and me!) to write up free patterns, how-to's, and tons of other info about making softies. You'll definitely want to check out the softie contest, too, there are some seriously amazing prizes. The grand prize includes a Pfaff sewing/embroidery machine worth $3,999 (check out the full list of prizes and contest rules here). Please also consider participating in the Soft Toy Drive!

 Spectacular Softies Contest

My article is: 10 Tips for Stuffing + Finishing Softies, which includes hints tools to achieve an extra-professional finish on your stuffed toys and fabric dolls. I'm also answering questions in the comments if there's anything else you need help with. If you've ever wondered why your softie turned out too floppy or wrinkly, or how on earth to *really* hide the closing seams, then this is the post you've been looking for! And just for fun, I've demonstrated the techniques these cute little pajama bear softies (the pattern can be found in my book), who are decked out in super cute Pam Kitty Garden print jammies:

 Pajama Bear Softies from Scrap Happy Sewing book

It was a happy accident that they ended up looking at each other. Here is a WIP pic (I always get a kick out of this part):

 Pajama Bears WIP
The crazy-talented list of contributors:

Abby Glassenbery of Abby Glassenberg Designs
Jodie Carleton of Ric Rac
Kerry Goulder of Kid Giddy
Mariska Vos-Bolman of DIY Fluffies
Pauline McArthur of Funky Friends Factory
Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World
Mimi Kirchner
Erin Weiss of Boolah Baguette
Carley Biblin of Making It Up As I Sew Along
Annette Huval of Oliver Rabbit
Helen of Bustle & Sew
Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls
Christina of Bamboletta
LiEr of Ikat Bag
Sarah of Dolls & Daydreams
Betz White

So if you're considering learning how to make softies, or if you've already made a few and want to pick up some tricks of the trade, head over to Sew Mama Sew and you'll be sure to learn something new!

Happy Softie Stitching!

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  1. Bardzo podobają mi się te misie. Są śliczne. Podziwiam! Serdecznie pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie:)