Flower Sugar + Pretty Patches


In keeping with my theme of catching up on projects from this spring, I wanted to show you this amazingly gorgeous fabric that my friend Amy sent to me a while back.

 Retro Mama | Flower Sugar Spring 2015

The spring Flower Sugar line from Lecien is stunningly beautiful, and I really love the grey prints! There is something so lovely about a neutral mixed with bright colors. I thought that all of those wee florals were perfect for a sewing kit.

 Retro Mama | sewing kit

I had planned to give this to a friend who recently got a sewing machine, but I made a little goof on it (not shown) that wasn't easy to get to (I missed sewing one of the quilt lines), so I will have to decide if I want to disassemble it to fix it. Don't you hate when that happens? Oh well, it's pretty on the inside! I sewed on some brown and off white apparel buttons to keep the kit very functional.

 Retro Mama | sewing kit
The sewing kit was made with a pattern from my book.

And while I'm on the subject of book projects, I happened across this magazine while browsing at Barnes & Noble and something caught my eye.

 Pretty Patches Magazine issue 13 June 2015

If you squint just a little...

 Pretty Patches Magazine issue 13 June 2015

Oh hey! That's my tote bag!

This pretty magazine has a range of projects inside, from the cute owl on the cover, to delicately intricate embroidery. My jewelry roll and craft tote patterns from Scrap Happy Sewing are also included, with all the instructional photos, too! This is the June issue of Pretty Patches (printed in the UK, apparently just now available here in the US), and it came with three adorable little rolls of twill tape.

 Pretty Patches magazine issue 13 June 2015

 Pretty Patches magazine issue 13 June 2015

Anyway, I think that's about it for catch-up! I find it so difficult to get things done in the summer when the kids are out of school, does that happen to you, too? As much as I love spending the long summer days with my boys, my sewing room does end up getting neglected. But I'm working on sneaking in a little time here and there.

Happy Stitching!

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