I was asked awhile back to contribute to an e-book of tips for Etsy sellers by Julie of On the Dot Creations. She has the cutest blog featuring fabulous finds from Etsy sellers (finds that are almost too good, my wallet doth protest) and so I was happy to help out. Well the e-book is now available, so for anyone out there who might be looking for some great tips to improve their shop, or for those of you considering starting your own crafty business on Etsy, check out Julie's great--and free--e-book, Hints of Savvy Etsy Sellers! Lots of super talented sellers/artists have contributed some excellent ideas and I've learned a few new things, too.

Now, this is not the big project that I was referring to in my last post, so stay tuned for more about that very soon! Are you on tenterhooks yet? (Don't you just love that saying? And I have no idea why, but it reminds me of Harry Potter, perhaps because I'm on tenterhooks waiting for the next movie? I don't get terribly excited about most new movies, but for that one I'll make an exception. Okay, maybe also this one, too. Did I just reveal a bit of my inner nerd-child? I believe I did!)

Although, someone, somewhere, has already guessed it (too obvious, right? Oh well, I've already told you how I am with secrets. And have I mentioned that I like parenthetical phrases?).

Until next time...

New project


I know I've been quiet lately. I've been rather busy putting together a new project that I think you'll like. But I can't tell you what it is. Yet.

But soon.


(My little helper, raiding the photo shoot.)

Although, it's not as though I'm a very good secret keeper, not for my own secrets anyway. I'll bet you know what it is already.

But now, I'm off to enjoy 78 degrees and sunny skies, and try to stretch out some stiff shoulders from hunching over in front of a computer for days. I never had such poor posture until the internet. Must work on that. Also, I think there might be some Oreos in the kitchen with my name on them. Yep.

Have a lovely day!

Last minute Easter crafts


Thanks to Jennifer at CraftSanity for including my tutorial in her latest podcast, which you can watch below for some quick and fun last minute Easter crafts:

Those paper flowers look so fun and easy!

Happy Easter everyone!

Congratulations to.....

It's official--I'm not the only one who loves American Jane! Thanks so much to all of you who entered for a chance to win the fat quarter of this fabric, I wish could give some to everyone!

The winner is: Rae!

Rae said...

I have been dreaming about this fabric since I saw it on your blog the other week! I can't believe how generous you are to give up a piece of this coveted fabric! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Thanks also to everyone who tried out my Fabric Easter Egg Tutorial. Your feedback has been great and it's the hugest compliment to me that many of you found the instructions easy to follow. I will definitely post more tutorials in the future and I hope you'll add your pictures to my flickr group (check out the fabulous photos from the group in my sidebar)!

Have a great day everyone!

As promised


As you may have noticed, I didn't get a chance to give something away in a previous post, because I miraculously solved my little technical glitch on my own (betcha I couldn't do it twice). So instead, I'm going to give away a fat quarter of a much loved fabric to one of my blog readers without your needing any technical knowledge at all! Just leave a comment below along with some way of contacting you, and I will draw a winner next Friday (April 10).

This is one of my very favorite prints ever, and judging by how many inquiries I've been getting about it, it's a favorite for lots of other folks, too!

The vital stats, for those of you who are curious: this measuring tape print is by American Jane (a.k.a. Sandy Klop) for Moda, from her discontinued Building Blocks line, as are the polka dot and floral prints found on my Easter eggs. The oval prints are from American Jane's Peas and Carrots line, also discontinued. Unfortunately these prints can be difficult to find, but perhaps some are hiding in your local quilt shop, a small online shop, or will suddenly pop up on eBay or Etsy. Good luck to anyone searching for these prints (don't you wish Moda did reprints?) and to those of you who toss their name into the hat for a chance to win!

Happy Thursday,

P.S. American Jane does have some other ruler prints in her Wee Play and Recess lines.