Sewing. Snow. Crafting. Cabin Fever.


This year sure has gone off to a running start. So I'll kick off the blogging season with the top 10 reasons that you haven't heard from me this new year until now:

1. It's been so dark and dreary and cold that I've been in a bit of a funk the past couple of weeks. It seems like a weak excuse, but I honestly thought we'd get a bit more sun up here.

2. Despite this, I've been sewing up a storm. VoilĂ , clothespin aprons (obviously, dreaming of sunny days which are still far, far away).





How fabulous are those Garden Party fabrics? Kind of retro with an edge. I wasn't sure how to approach this line at first but then I just woke up one morning completely in love with it.

3. Did I mention that it's 15 degrees below zero outside and Brrrrrr!

4. My children have come down with a serious case of cabin fever (see no. 3) and so we've turned our house into an obstacle course. By the way, the bilibo is the coolest toy ever, which we found at one of the coolest toy stores ever.

5. I've been playing with my new camera and photo editing software, both enlightening me regarding the extent of my lack of technical skill and knowledge, in a fun-challenge kind of way.


Is that not the most mischievous smile? Love this kid.

6. An influx of fabric has forced me to rearrange my crafting space--a big time sponge, albeit a fun one.

7. Possible TMI alert, unless your kids have special needs: We've been checking out local places for therapy and activities because the boys have had some sensory issues brought on by the winter doldrums. We decided against having them attend a place that I would classify as a "therapy preschool for autistic children" for various reasons and the kids are now enrolled in lessons at a nearby gym. It's fantastic, and I don't think they could be getting better therapy, especially of the sensory integration type, anywhere else. We were so fortunate to find an instructor with training in special education, and what the boys experienced in one hour at this gym was better than any session they've had with private occupational therapists (who often promise SI therapy and then deliver something vastly different, oy-vey, not a rant I'll subject you to today). I definitely recommend checking this option out if your kids have sensory or other physical issues that aren't being fully addressed with your current therapies, or if you're just looking for a place to go that you can all have fun as a family.

8. Necessitated by certain overactive children (see no. 4), I am turning the family room into more of a play room. Lots of paint shopping, which you already know that I love, and drooling over all the incredible stuff I'm finding online. Like this rug, this chair, and this seriously adorable train.

9. Netflix watch instantly. More cheesy 80s movies and romantic comedies than you can shake a stick at.

10. Cleaning carpets. I go through this every winter. I will not delve into the sordid details of what four dogs and two children can do to carpet, but suffice it to say that we're getting our money's worth out of the steam cleaner. Ugh. I cannot tell you how much I hate carpet.

On a side note, I wanted to mention that the Indie Fixx Shop is closing (ack! so sad!) but you can score some really great deals there, so be sure to stop by before the doors close in March.


  1. I LOVE those fabrics!!! what beautiful aprons! I totally understand the winter funk, I've got it plus pregnancy sickeness, which equals no sewing for me.. At least you're accomplishing so much!

  2. oh ! Sunny days aprons ! i absolutely love your color combos !

  3.! Your aprons are to DIE for. I love them. How fun. I wish I could do that. :)

  4. This suggestion is probably not new but thought I'd share in case:
    My daughter has aspergers and sensory integration issues big time. I found keeping a big bowl full of beans and rice was a good. (she has touch avoidance) I also use tube socks filled with beans or rice, for squeezing. I tried brushing, on the advice of the P.T. - it was awful for both of us! She got angrier and more frustrated as the therapy went on. When I backed off, she got a lot calmer.
    However, I got great results from "crash cushions" I took a futon matress and piled bean bags and other couch cushions on and let the kids all jump into it. It really helped with the cooped up feeling.
    I also want to let you know that it does get easier. My daughter is now 14 and has come a LONG way over the years. I always remind myself "a delay is just that: a delay. It doesn't mean "never," - it just means "later."

  5. Thanks for all the compliments! I know soon I'll be able to start actually using one of my clothespin aprons!

    And thank you, G, for your wonderfully encouraging note. I'll have to try the tube sock, I think both of my boys will go nuts for that. We have a short little trampoline that works wonders inside on rainy days. I love hearing about others' kids that have come such a long way. It's a great reminder, because even now when I look back just a few months or a year, I realize how far my kids have already come.

  6. love those aprons, the fabrics are so beautiful!!

  7. First one is in my hands now! I absolutely love it!!! you're so great creating such beaiful things with fabrics!