Things that make me happy


I joined this lovely swap group recently, and it's like taking a sewing vacation to make something with no obligation other than to have fun and hope that my partner loves it. It is so fun to see what everyone else is up to, too. With a few hints from my secret swapee about what she likes, I dove into my fabric stash and emerged with this:


I never used to be an orange person, but those orange prints are some of my most favoritest (you read that right) prints of all time. And I love those gray FMF prints too. And don't even get me started on how much I love Amy Butler's Lotus fabric line.

When the midmorning sun started peeking through the windows in my Room, I stole upstairs to start playing sewing.


Happy blocks. I love their simplicty. I was aiming for a slightly more calm, neutral look relative to my usual wowza-that's-bright color schemes. Still, I couldn't resist throwing in those pops of orange. I like this so much I'm considering changing the accent color in my kitchen from red to orange.


This is the front...Don't you just love the texture of linen? *happysigh* The blinding white backdrop is my snow-covered backyard.

I haven't yet decided what to do for the back, think I'll leave this hanging for a couple of days to let it inspire me.

And getting back to the title of this post. A few things that make me happy, in a secret particular order, why? Because it's the middle of the winter on an especially frostbitten day and I need a little something to keep me feeling cheery:

1. my family (especially when not grumpy but chipper and snuggly)
2. the old pink chair I found at a thrift shop for under $10
3. linen
4. hot cocoa on a frosty cold morning
5. re-reading a favorite book
6. fabric (slightly redundant, but necessarily so)
7. wood embroidery hoops
8. Colin Firth (Have you seen The King's Speech? I really want to.)
9. my camera
10. slippers

What things make you happy?


  1. Those are beautiful blocks. I love the colors you've put together.

  2. Love your work, congratulations :))
    Helena :D

  3. those beautiful fabrics make me very happy! You have me drooling and I too want to redecorate with those fabrics now!

    Ever since you told me what your blue polka dot fabric is, I've been on the hunt for it. Oh I love polka dots...they definitely make me happy! :)

  4. oh my! I love that pez pattern! I wish I had known about it before it became so scarce and expensive!

  5. I love your color choices! What a nice idea to post about the things that make you happy. You are right - some cheery thoughts on a cold winter's day are good for the soul.

  6. I used to neglect orange, but there are certain shades that just sing! I'm glad you're coming around to it, and your swap contributions look fabulous so far!

  7. dreaming that what you are making is MINE. I hope I hope I hope.

  8. I love the fabrics you chose and the simplicity of your blocks! and I agree, I am quite giddy about this swap too!
    You have many favorites on your list I would agree with, but I would add sunny days, fresh snow and cardigan sweaters :)

  9. these colors are so great, very inspiring and getting my creative juices flowing!

  10. This blog is one of my favourite things. I always feel so inspired reading it. Today I am reading it at work (during a break) and a colleague has just asked me what I am grinning about. (me: "errr....sewing, actually")

    But it's not just about sewing, is it! It's about little snippets of your life tucked in amongst things that are colourful and happy reminders of all the things I love about mine.

    Just thought you might like to know. :)

  11. I could simply repeat your list....all favorites of mine....smiles.

  12. The fabric combo looks spectacular.

    PS when are we going to see updated pictures of your craft room?

  13. I love love love the colors together - hard not to be happy when you're looking at them.

  14. Oh wow - the blocks are beautiful. The colour scheme is just perfect. I love linen too.

  15. Best color combo for a quilt by far (I am, and always have been, an orange person though). I love what you're doing with this set!