Making progress


I'm still working on my swap project, bit by bit, and really taking the time to savor it. Usually I plan everything out to the quarter inch, but this time I just kind of winged it, and I love how it's turning out.

My favorite kind of quilting, straight lines--well, straightish--but not quite perfect.


And the binding. I love binding. Even fussy, wiggly linen binding. You might think I'm crazy, I know many folks find this part tedious, but I just love putting a neat finished edge on something quilted. Do you love this part too?


The fancy thimble sure makes the job more enjoyable (thanks, Mom!).

The full reveal is coming soon!


  1. oh it looks yummy! I'm a sucker for polka dots, blue, orange and linen. lol. And yes, I'm one of the strange ones that loves to a great binding!

  2. omg I LOVE it what ever its gonna be its so cool!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, I love binding too. Binding means it's almost truly done, and I love the hand sewing. Cool thimble.

  4. Its looks really lovely, and it was really interesting to see you binding it i have yet to work that out when i finish my first ever quilt which is hexagons. Dee x

  5. I love hand stitching the binding down at the end- it is the icing on the cake! But I sew my binding onto the front first and hand sew it down to the back! Your quilt looks beautiful!

  6. I totally agree that binding is like the icing on the cake, great analogy!

    That is actually the "back" side of this: so I guess both are like front sides :)

    Dee, wow, a hexagon quilt! I would love to try that one day. Would love to see yours, too, in progress or finished!

  7. it sure is pretty.....whatever it may be!

  8. Yes, I do love binding a quilt. It's that last, final finishing touch. It feels so good to finish something. (It doesn't happen enough in my world...)

  9. this is beautiful. I love the colours and such nice photographs.