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You've been asking about it, and I've heard you! It is so very flattering that many of you want to try your hand at selling items made from my patterns, and I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about it for a long time.

If you have asked me about this recently and not heard right back it is because I have been inundated lately with these requests and needed some time to think it over. I love to support indie businesses, and honestly, my reaction when someone points out to me a shop that is attempting to sell items made with my patterns is more along the lines of, "Awww...they did a nice job!" and "Wow, that is cute!" as opposed to, "How dare they?!". And then I have to go put on my Big Meanie face and ask them to stop, which stinks.

So. I am now allowing individuals to make items for sale with my patterns. My terms are simple: give me credit in your item listing and hang tags ("This item was handmade using a Retro Mama pattern"), let me know where you are selling your wares (I might want to feature you on my blog or offer you the opportunity to host a giveaway), and the items must be handmade by YOU in your home-based business. See the full terms of my policy here.

Thank you and good luck in your sewing business ventures!



  1. I have been so very inspired by what you do just and just an admirer of your talent and patterns, but now I think you are completely awesome!

    :) Maureen

  2. That house is so cute. I must learn to sew:-)

  3. Very sensible of you...So many artists get so very protective about this... i think setting rules as you have is great & then you actually get free advertising if you think about it... Your work is fabulous & i think if you are confident that you have an 'identity' & people recognize your particular style then that can't ever be taken away from you X:-)

  4. Kim... thank you so much for allowing us to sell items we make from your patterns. They are sooooo lovely.

  5. Kim, That is so generous of you! I love your patterns! Sue

  6. I have purchased and used one of your patterns and though I don't plan to make any to sell, I think it is very generous of you to give your consent. I agree with others that it will probably be good advertising for you.
    I'd like to add that I love your patterns and the actually instruction pages are just lovely. They're very well done and even pretty to look at.
    I love the new bunnies!

  7. I second Holly M. I have bought two of your patterns and plan to buy so many more and have really enjoyed making them for friends and family members, but very cool of you to take the time to consider it and agree!

  8. oh I am just loving this.. I might just have to make me one of these cute houses!!

  9. Wow, I'm very happy with this news! I live in Brazil and even though I totally understood your request for not selling anything made from your patterns, I also thought that for us that live outside the awesome-fabrics-patterns-quilting-patchwork circle, it would be nice to allow it because I don't think my local business could interfere negatively with yours.
    Even though there are great crefters here, it's not very easy to find the coolest fabrics or patterns for sale (and I can't design anything, my thing is the sewing machine).
    I looooove your products and never bought a pattern because as I'm starting a little home business I didn't have the time to sew them. I'm spending all my time making things to have a little stock for starting out.
    Now that I know that they will not be side projects and will sure help the sales -because they're just irresistible-, I'm definitely going to buy all of them and become like a Brazilian-Retro-Mama-representative (hope I do you justice), and will have the cutest products right from the start!
    Thanks, Kim, for you kindness and thoughtfullness, specially to us who live far, far away.

  10. I am impressed with your sensible-ness (is that a word?!). And I agree with the comment that this will be good advertising. As long as it has your name on it, it should all be good, right! Thanks for giving us permission.

  11. This is really kind of you, and I also agree quite sensible! I have made a couple of apple pincushions for friends that have always gone down very well, so the possibility of making some up to sell is great - I adore making them, so satisfying!

  12. Thank you so much Kim. I really appreciate the work involved in designing patterns and love to give credit to the designer. I have long hoped to be able to create your designs and introduce them to my market stall. Now which will I order first?

  13. It is so sweet of you to give consent for the use of your patterns. Unfortunately, I can't even make a simple easter egg look cute enough to decorate my own home (Ive been trying all morning and they look like lumpy globs of fabric) much less nice enough to sell. =(
    I WANT THOSE EGGS! When are you going to sell the finished product? LOL.
    Blessings - Molly

  14. You are so generous to share your own patterns to those who are starting their own sewing business. It is practically a habit of artists to recognize others and also share whatever they have, right? In that way, they learn from each other. How's the sewing going now, Molly? I bet you've already made some beautiful products. :-)

    Cameron Scott