Shop Update


This doesn't happen very often...but I've listed some finished dolls and softies in my shop! I really do miss making critters, so you may see more of these pop up from time to time.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce:


(You already know) Greta



And a handful of bunny softies:



and you've already been introduced to Basil:


(Betsy is already on her way to her new home in Australia!)

See you soon!

cottage license


little house

You've been asking about it, and I've heard you! It is so very flattering that many of you want to try your hand at selling items made from my patterns, and I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about it for a long time.

If you have asked me about this recently and not heard right back it is because I have been inundated lately with these requests and needed some time to think it over. I love to support indie businesses, and honestly, my reaction when someone points out to me a shop that is attempting to sell items made with my patterns is more along the lines of, "Awww...they did a nice job!" and "Wow, that is cute!" as opposed to, "How dare they?!". And then I have to go put on my Big Meanie face and ask them to stop, which stinks.

So. I am now allowing individuals to make items for sale with my patterns. My terms are simple: give me credit in your item listing and hang tags ("This item was handmade using a Retro Mama pattern"), let me know where you are selling your wares (I might want to feature you on my blog or offer you the opportunity to host a giveaway), and the items must be handmade by YOU in your home-based business. See the full terms of my policy here.

Thank you and good luck in your sewing business ventures!


Bunny love


Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have something special planned with your Sweetheart!

And speaking of sweethearts...

Bunny love

I'd like to introduce Betsy & Basil Bunny to you!


These sweet sleepy bunnies are now available as a PDF sewing pattern in my shop and sidebar. They have hand embroidered eyes and noses, and cute fluffy soft tails. The pattern includes similar techniques to my Stella & Stewart Owls and is a great project for beginner stitchers. A pattern and tutorial for the felt carrots is included, and the fabric Easter eggs pattern is available here for free.


Little bunny blue

A few finished rabbit softies, including The Betsy and Basil, will be available in my shop, I'll let you know with a shop update!

Happy sewing,

Making progress


I'm still working on my swap project, bit by bit, and really taking the time to savor it. Usually I plan everything out to the quarter inch, but this time I just kind of winged it, and I love how it's turning out.

My favorite kind of quilting, straight lines--well, straightish--but not quite perfect.


And the binding. I love binding. Even fussy, wiggly linen binding. You might think I'm crazy, I know many folks find this part tedious, but I just love putting a neat finished edge on something quilted. Do you love this part too?


The fancy thimble sure makes the job more enjoyable (thanks, Mom!).

The full reveal is coming soon!